• River City Bank and Versicom Announce Partnership!This partnership allows taxpayers to check their refund status over the phone or internet in 2013. This is a FREE ($595 value!) service to all approved RCB EROs
  • Refer-a-FriendWe can get you brand new customers this tax season while keeping your old customers coming back!
  • Awesome Texting and Email FeatureYour customers can now receive the status of their electronically filed return through email or text. One more way to stay in touch with your clients!
  • Happy Holiday call with a message from You!Your customers will be so thrilled and happy that you care, which generates a personal relationship that increases loyalty, retention, and referrals creating a foundation for greater growth.

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Are you tired of hearing the phones ringing non-stop every tax season?

The Toll-Free Tax Infoline (TFTI), we call it "Tifty", service is the solution for small or out-of-the-way offices as well as large offices with multiple locations that may have different calling areas.

"Tifty" is a low cost 1-800 service that your clients can call to find out the status of their return and refund. It does not require you to install any new phone lines or hardware in your office.

20 Years of loyal service

Versicom Communications has created and standardized voice response and web based solutions in the tax industry.

With the help of our friends, versicom has revolutionized and perfected the Tax Infoline system to remove the stress and costs incurred by client's calling in to ask the same question over and over again.


"I have used your product every year sense it came out and I love it. It just took the first two years to train the clients. I now have two less phone lines in the office and it is great."

- Roy Salsberry

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