Need to know what every thriving business has in common?

The ability to build relationships through superior customer service and communication is imperative for any successful business. Relationships lead to higher customer retention. Customer retention leads to more referrals and increased profitability.

Versicom Communications Inc. is in the business of helping your tax office stand out from the rest by increasing your existing client relationships in a "Thank You" economy.

We do this through a tried and tested three part process which is guaranteed to keep your tax preparers off the phones and keeping up with the influx of business.

  1. Give your clients something useful like the Toll Free Tax Infoline.
  2. Build Relationships with birthday and holiday phone calls
  3. Receive the gift of referrals by utilizing our Refer-a-Friend.


Give your clients something useful

Toll-Free Tax Infoline

Increase office efficiency and customer communication with TFTI automated alerts!

Your clients will value receiving up-to-the minute notifications on the status of their tax return and refund, while you enjoy reduced customer calls.

TFTI enables preparers to automatically send text message and e-mail alerts informing clients of the status of their tax return and refund. In addition to automated alerts, customers also have access to a toll-free phone number and website 24-hours a day, allowing them to check their status at their convenience.


  • Ideal for the smallest and largest offices.
  • Improves client satisfaction and customer service
  • No new computers or hardware required.
  • Presents a highly professional image
  • No phone lines required.
  • Dramatically cuts labor costs.
  • Informs clients of return refund and reject status.
  • Status look up via personalized websites Included!
  • Statuses updated automatically via the internet
  • Increases office productivity and reduces stress
  • English & Spanish messages.
  • Business cards with toll-free number supplied.
  • Expert training provided.
  • Outstanding technical support 7-days a week.
  • No Charge for E-file non Bank Product Clients.
  • Your Tax preparers can concentrate on the customer in front of them, not the phone.

Build Relationships

Touch Point Calls

A simple to use, automatic, customer care suite that calls your customers throughout the year and puts your name in front of them.

Your customers will be so thrilled and happy that you care, which generates a personal relationship that increases loyalty, retention, and referrals creating a foundation for greater growth.

Here is everything you get to automatically stay in touch with your customers:

Our Specialty The Happy Birthday Call or The Group Birthday Call that will have your customers smiling from ear to ear and talking about YOU!

A powerful Thank You call after each visit to let your clients know how much you appreciate them which will make a lasting impression and connection.

An extremely useful 4th of July call that shows your customers you care about them and want to make sure they are doing well.

A Happy Holiday or Merry Christmas song a week before Christmas that will have your customers thinking about you during the holidays

The Happy Birthday Call Download The Group Birthday Call Download
Thank You Call Download Manhattan Doll's Thank You Call Download
Merry Christmas Call Download Happy Holiday Call Download
Manhattan Doll's Merry Christmas Download Manhattan Doll's Happy Holiday Download
4th of July Call Download New Years Eve Download

Receive the Gift of Referrals

We can get you brand new customers this tax season and keep your existing customers coming back forever!

Every time the TFTI service sends your customers a text or email, and every time they call or log on to the taxinfonet to get their return and refund status, TFTI can give them a Refer-a-Friend coupon.

You decide:

• The offer to your customers friend.
• The incentive to your customer.
• The reward for your customers friend.
• Terms of the offer.

TFTI does the rest.

The best advertising is word-of-mouth advertising.  Enlist your happy customers to help you grow your business.  Refer-a-Friend is built in to your Toll-Free Tax Infoline service (TFTI).  What could be easier? TFTI can pay for itself several times over in referrals this year and every year.