Great saving time and money during tax season.


I cannot imagine being without Versicom Tax Infoline. It has saved us from thousands of calls over the past few years from clients requesting the status of their refunds. And the customer service is outstanding every year. Thank you!!


"Can you imagine having to answer more than another 20,000 phone calls during tax season!!? What a nightmare. Well, that's what Versicom did for us. We rely completely on the timely and accurate information provided by this excellent system.

When customers do call for a status, our first question is "Did you call the infoline"? We couldn't live without this valuable service. "

- Bob Barnett


"Greatest group of folks to work with - your awesome."

- Jo Ellen Hughes


"We are very pleased with the service and support Versicom has given us. We hope to be with you for many more years. Thank You."

- Howard Davis


"This is the first year we used your toll free service, we had your computers in office for many years. Very satisfied with all your products and support."

- Thomas Smith

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