Versicom and River City Bank: coming together to offer an unbeatable value for tax professionals.

Versicom will be River City Bank's partner to provide multiple options for taxpayers to check their refund status in 2013. This is a FREE service to all approved RCB EROs; that is a $595 value!

EROs can take advantage of this free serviceautomatically; no need to enroll or sign up. An email will be sent upon acceptance with River CityBank, providing details for a Versicom online account which allows numerous customization options. This service allows EROs the freedom of letting Versicom handle many of the repeat phonecalls from taxpayers inquiring about their refund.

River City Bank has secured discounted pricing for EROs on upgrade packages from Versicom, including Christmas, Happy Holiday and Birthday calls.

Contact a River City Bank representative for more details, (888) 820-7848 or call Versicom at (937) 438-3700 for information on all Versicom services. River City Bank, MEMBER FDIC


Call 937.438.3700 to sign up for TFTI Today!

Improve Customer Satisfaction

You clients will appreciate receiving information quickly about their tax return or refund.


Increase Productivity

Eliminate the chore of notifying your clients about their return or refund. TFTI automates these communications to allow you to focus on other important tasks.


No Set-up Needed

TFTI is completely integrated into your tax software and supports all electronically filed returns


Reduce Stress

Fewer status calls will quiet the phones and reduce stress.


Present a Professional Image

TFTI proactively notifies clients with accurate, timely information. Clients know their returns have been handled by trusted professionals.


Reduce IRS Reject and Retransmit Time

IRS reject alerts satisfy the 24-hour notification requirement and advise clients what to do to resolve the problem so that returns can be retransmitted.

NEW FOR THIS YEAR! Versicom Communications and Drake Software have partnered to offer an integrated Toll-Free Tax Infoline solution.


TFTI allows your clients to receive up-to-the-minute information on their tax return through automated email or text message alerts. In addition, TFTI also includes return status lookup 24 hours a day using a toll-free phone number or by logging onto


Best of all, TFTI is completely integrated into your Drake software, making it easier than ever to serve your clients.



A New Integrated Service To Keep Your Clients Informed

Increase office efficiency and customer communication with TFTI+ automated alerts!

Your clients will value receiving up-to-the minute notifications on the status of their tax return and refund, while you enjoy reduced customer calls.

TFTI+ enables preparers to automatically send text message and e-mail alerts informing clients of the status of their tax return and refund. In addition to automated alerts, customers also have access to a toll-free phone number and website 24-hours a day, allowing them to check their status at their convenience.

Best of all, TFTI+ is completely integrated into your ATX™ or TaxWise® software! Making it even easier to offer this service.

Call 800-495-4626 today to learn more about TFTI+ and how you can sign-up for this season!

Increase Efficiency & Provide Better Customer Service

NEW FOR THIS YEAR! Versicom Communications and CCH Small Firm Services have partnered to offer Toll-Free Tax Infoline PLUS (TFTI+)!