Front Office

Phone System with an auto-attendant to handle calls automatically.
Texting to send and receive massages to clients individually or as a group.
Tax infoline to tell your clients the status of their tax return.
CRM to manage all communication with your clients

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Give your clients something useful

Toll-Free Tax InfoLine

Increase office efficiency and customer communication with TFTI automated alerts!

Your clients will value receiving up-to-the minute notifications on the status of their tax return and refund, while you enjoy reduced customer calls.

TFTI enables preparers to automatically send text message and e-mail alerts informing clients of the status of their tax return and refund. In addition to automated alerts, customers also have access to a toll-free phone number and website 24-hours a day,

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Build Relationships

Touch Point Calls

A simple to use, automatic, customer care suite that calls your customers throughout the year and puts your name in front of them.

Your customers will be so thrilled and happy that you care, which generates a personal relationship that increases loyalty, retention, and referrals creating a foundation for greater growth.

Here is everything you get to automatically stay in touch with your customers:

Our Specialty The Happy Birthday Call or The Group Birthday Call that will have your customers smiling from ear to ear and talking about YOU!

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Why use an online timeclock?

  • Simplifies your payroll calculations.
  • Organizes time sheets from all employees and all office locations.
  • Provides access to time sheets from your desktop, laptop, home or office.
  • Reduces time spent on workforce management.
  • Tracks attendance and punctuality.
  • Aids in creating more efficient work schedules.
  • Manages an unlimited number of employees without paper time cards.

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The Happy Birthday Call

Keep your clients forever!

The Happy Birthday Call is a completely automatic, yet highly personal, relationship building tool designed to elicit real, emotional responses from clients.

Makes your clients smile, and smiling clients remain clients! People love to get a call on their birthday, and it won’t be long before a client call to thank you for the birthday call.

Less time consuming and less costly than sending out birthday cards. Don’t spend hours dealing with cards that will just be glanced at before being thrown away.

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VersiCall is your fast and easy way to reach a group of people with your message. VersiCall can help you in numerous ways. From school closings to club cancellations, rained out soccer games to party invitations, VersiCall is the way to get the message out fast.

From basketball to soccer to darts, your team or league needs to stay in touch.

Events change and information needs to go out fast. VersiCall is there to make sure your players know the score, delivering your messages quickly and accurately. Never again leave a volunteer at the gate in case people show up to a cancelled event…let VersiCall do the Job!

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