Front Office


Front Office


Phone System with an auto-attendant to handle calls automatically. Texting to send and receive massages to clients individually or as a

An Auto Attendant made just for Tax offices. Front Office will answer every call with a professionally recorded greetng designed for your tax office.

A custom menu includes access to your Tax Infoline (TFTI+) service and call routing makes your office truly mobile. You have the convenience of taking calls whether you are at the office, home or on the road.

Afer-hours calls can go to voicemail and then be sent to your email address allowing you to conveniently listen to your message from your phone or computer.

Let us Answer, Route and Manage your Tax Office Calls

Professionally Recorded Greeting

Make a good impression with the very first call. Set the tone for a lasting relationship.

Personal Support

Our staff will work with you personally to configure Front Office to your needs. This is not another service that you have to figure out. We do the work, not you.

Integrated with Tax Infoline (TFTI+)

This service was designed for Tax Offices using TFTI+. TFTI+ is being used or offered by most tax software and service bureau companies.

Increase Efficiency

Front Office can handle almost a limitless number of simultaneous calls. Handling each call the way you wish.

Local Number

Use a local number you already have or create a local number that is convenient for you and your clients.