Front office

Just $43.00 per month per line (extensions are free)

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Designed by Tax Offices for Tax Offices!

Front Office is a cloud-based VOIP phone system for your tax office.

Front Office provides texting (SMS/MMS) to your clients so you can send and receive text messages individually or in groups.

Drawing on 25 years of experience working with tax offices, we design your Front Office to meet your unique needs. We build it, set it up, and tweak it until it works just the way you want.

Front Office integrates seamlessly with the Tax Infoline, so your clients can hear the current status of Federal and State tax returns.

Front Office provides the best combination of features and is tailor made for your growing tax offices, some features found nowhere else.

Office Dashboard

  • A complete picture of callers
  • Drag and drop organization
  • Visibility into call queues, text messages, group chats, and individual calls
  • Support for multiple offices
  • Many more features

Call Center Features

Auto Attendant, Conference Calls, Call Queuing and dozens of other features to meet your needs-and your clients.


Send and receive individual messages as well as group campaigns. Send documents as well.(Ask about Front Office Premium for more enhanced features)

Tax InfoLine integration

Integrated with Tax Infoline, clients can get the current status of their federal and state tax returns and/or bank products. Support for ATX, Crosslink, Drake, Jackson Hewitt, Taxwise, uTax and more.


CRM manage all clients communication, automatically log calls, texts and voicemails. CRM automatically creates new records for unknown callers.

Message Transcription

English and Spanish voicemail messages can be transcribed to text and emailed to you along with the recordings with translations if needed.

Professionally Recorded Greeting

Make a great impression with the very first call. Set the tone for a lasting relationship.

Hold Messages

Music or custom messages tailored for you with tax tips, IRS notifications and more.

Call Recording

Inbound and outbound calls can be automatically recorded, helping you eliminate Errors and Omissions claims.


Get up to the minute call details, including call volume, caller details, and call durations.

Schedule changes

Change your forwarding schedule over the web, and take advantage of our after-hours and weekend call handling.

Get Started

With just an internet connection, your support representative will be there to help you get set up and offer suggestions to improve the effectiveness of Front Office.


Train new employees by listening in to calls with your clients. Whisper feature allows you to give advice and answers to employees without clients hearing.

I’m going bananas trying to figure all this out. I have QUESTIONS, aka Bananas, so I’ll just toss out a few of them…

Cloud-based stuff
How It Works
What do I have to do?
First : I really don’t understand this cloud-based stuff. How is it going to help me?

That’s an easy one. Just remember a few numbers …

30% to 50% – what the typical user will save monthly over traditional wireline carriers

90% – what many users find the initial savings are compared to traditional telephone systems

… and the best part is (yes, there’s more!)

Power outages – storms, errant squirrels in the transformers – have little to no effect on your phone lines. Work continues, and everyone is happy.


The dashboard allows you to keep multiple locations in one system, including your traveling or remote workers.


Since you have no equipment to maintain, there is no single point of failure.

AND, one more thing

If you aren’t happy we aren’t either, and we’ll work with you until you are completely satisfied with your Front Office system. But, if you decide it’s not for you, just let us know. We will help you switch to your preferred provider and there will be no more financial obligation. Versicom Communications stands by its guarantee.

A cloud-based system has many benefits; only you can determine which are more important to you. Ask us, we’ll help you evaluate them.

Second : How does Front Office work?

All my clients know my phone number. Can I keep my current number(s)?

Of course, you can, it’s your number. It was assigned to you and is yours until you choose to discontinue it. With Front Office, you can use your number from, or to anywhere in the United States. We can set it up any way you want. Even toll-free numbers can be used with Front Office.

What about numbers from other cities or states?

With Front Office you can have phone numbers from any location within the USA. For instance, you might want a number from nearby areas or larger cities, or even from another state.

What about different locations, or workers who are traveling. Do I need different numbers?

No additional numbers are needed. You can use just one phone number (if you want) for multiple locations. Just let us know so your Front Office can be configured the way you want it to work. With Front Office, you can make or receive virtually unlimited simultaneous calls and your main number will always show.

Once Versicom sets it up, what kind of support do you offer?

We promise to never abandon you to an unfeeling paper instruction manual. We provide a variety of post-installation support. Clients are welcome to contact our support personnel via email, chat, or phone. We also provide a handy “how to” guide in which most questions are addressed. And if that doesn’t help we have real live technicians ready to travel.

Sounds good, especially the price, but ... what about taxes, fees, free phones?

Trust us, you don’t want free phones. They are generally worth exactly what you paid for them. We use only the highest-rated equipment which we sell to you at cost. And Versicom’s flat-rate service includes all relevant charges, taxes, and fees. We lay it all out, so you know exactly what you are paying for. We want you happy with your properly functioning Front Office system.


How many phone lines does the Front Office system include?

As many as you purchase. There is no charge for extensions. This makes Front Office an ideal system whether you have a small office with just one or two lines, or a large firm with multiple lines. Large or small, you have recognized that you need a more advanced communication system, which may include auto-attendant answering.

Third : Exactly how will Front Office work & what do I have to do? Let’s get down to specifics, the nitty-gritty of all this.

First things first.

  • Email us a copy of your last phone bill that includes the number/s you want to continue using.
  • We will email you a LOA (Letter Of Authorization) to sign so we can transfer your number/s.
  • Select the type of phones you wish to use. Once received just plug the phone in and it will auto configure for you. A USB headset with micro phone can also be used instead of a phone.
  • Equipment Price List

Will I need to rewire my office to use Front Office?

Not likely as the new system only requires a CAT5 jack. If you already have an internet-enabled computer where the new phone is installed, no additional wiring is necessary. If you are sharing a CAT5 with a computer some phones are limited to 100mbs and others are Gigibit. If you want a phone where there is no internet connection, you might need to install a wire to connect  or purchase one of the WIFI enabled phones.

So, I need a computer to make this work?

No, you need an internet connection but not a computer, as the phones are independent of any other internet-dependant devices.

OK, I think I understand. I’m ready to convert to Front Office. I’ll just cancel my current service and ....

NO! Please don’t do that! Just call us, Versicom Communications will handle the conversion to the new system. We know it may sound funny, but some things just need to happen in a certain order. Generally, the conversion takes 1-2 weeks. If you cancel your current service too soon it just might take a lot longer to complete the installation. Relax, we will take care of it.